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A flood can be very damaging to a vehicle. Not only does the water get into the engine, but it can also saturate the inside of the vehicle. In many cases, these types of instances are hard to repair, if not impossible. Does your car insurance help cover these losses? It is important to know when auto insurance applies. READ MORE >>

Insuring sports cars poses several key concerns for drivers. First, there is the need to insure the higher value of these vehicles. In addition, the vehicles usually have an increased risk level. This influences the cost of auto insurance. From the liability perspective, drivers need a quality policy they can rely on. READ MORE >>

Whether you're hosting trick-or-treaters, chaperoning little ghouls and goblins around the neighborhood or going to a costume party, here are some tips to ensure the biggest risk you'll face this Halloween is a candy-induced cavity. Making Your Home Safe For Halloween READ MORE >>

It's a situation that happens quite a bit. Someone smashes into your car, causing some damage. The accident is covered under your auto insurance policy. You take your vehicle to the mechanic, receive an estimate, and the car insurance company approves the repairs. READ MORE >>

There are plenty of reasons to take a car accident prevention course. Maybe you've been referred to the course after getting a traffic ticket, or perhaps you're looking to lower your car insurance rates. Or you could just be looking to learn more about safe driving habits. READ MORE >>

Even the safest drivers can get into accidents from time to time. Perhaps you're distracted one day, or perhaps another driver causes the incident. Either way, fender benders are the most common types of accidents and you should know what to do if you're involved in one. READ MORE >>

Car theft is upsetting and expensive. If you haven't been the victim of a car theft, consider yourself very fortunate; it's quite common and can happen to anyone. If you haven't done so, get an anti-theft device installed in your car. While these devices won't guarantee that you'll never be victimized, they make your vehicle a less desirable target for thieves. READ MORE >>

Parking lot fender benders are fairly common, as vehicles are moving in multiple directions with little visibility. If you're involved in one of these, the first thing you should do is to make sure everyone is OK and not injured. If anyone is injured, get medical help right away. READ MORE >>

Everyone buys car insurance for the protection it offers, but we all hope that we never have to use it. However, in the event of an accident, filing a claim can be a huge help when it comes to finances. If you need to file a claim, follow the suggestions below to ease the process and to remove most the hassle from the process. READ MORE >>

Located in Beaumont, TX, Miller Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that is dedicated to helping you find the best insurance coverage that fits your life, needs and budget. With connections to many top insurance companies, we have the ability to find the insurance policy that is personalized for your needs. READ MORE >>

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