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Home » Avoiding Common Motorcycle Accidents
June 1, 2021

Avoiding Common Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are too frequent an occurrence. Knowing how to avoid them can help you save both time and money. Having a good motorcycle insurance policy can protect you in the event an accident does happen, but knowing the most common causes of motorcycle accidents helps you become more proactive in exercising driving safety. person riding motorcycle

  • Head-On CollisionsHead on collisions are the most common type of accident, with these incidents often resulting in a fatality. In a number of cases, the motorcycle was struck from the rear, propelling it into another vehicle head-first. Always pay attention to your surroundings so you can react to potential threats, hopefully before an accident occurs. 

  • Lane SplittingMotorcycle drivers have a bad habit of riding in between lanes, which can confuse drivers on either side. This occurs because the motorcycle, the cars are too close to each other, the cars don’t anticipate the motorcycle to pass them or the space available for moving is too small. Accidents resulting from this situation are frequently charged to the motorcycle driver. Always stay in your lane and obey traffic laws while riding to avoid potential accidents. 

  • Road HazardsRoad hazards are another common reason for motorcycle accidents. There are a number of hazards on the road that contribute to serious accidents — such as potholes, rainy conditions, objects in the road or roadkill. Ensure that your headlights are working correctly and stay alert to any hazards that you spot on the road. 

  • SpeedingSpeeding is a constant staple in accidents for motor vehicles. Motorcycles with high performance engines have a great chance of being in an accident if the driver is being reckless or not paying attention to the road or other drivers. Be cautious and follow the posted speed limits to stay safe. 

  • IntoxicationDriving while intoxicated is a major cause of collisions. Accidents involving cars have a high potential of being fatal, so accidents involving motorcycles usually end up with fatalities and serious repercussions. Never get on your bike while intoxicated. It’s much safer to call a cab or catch a ride with a sober friend.


Exercising caution when driving is the best solution for avoiding accidents, but motorcycle insurance can assist in providing some relief. Your agent can recommend different policy types that meet your needs. 

We’re here to help keep you safe. Call Miller Insurance at 409.203.2027 for more information on Beaumont motorcycle insurance. 


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