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Home » How To Winterize A Camper
January 18, 2016

How To Winterize A Camper

Parked RVWith the onset of cold weather, it’s critical for you to winterize your camper. Without winterizing your recreational vehicle, next summer, you may find that the frigid temperatures wreaked havoc on your RV. The following are some measures you can take to ensure that your camper is winterized properly.

Drain All Fluids from Your Camper

While your camper sits idle during the winter months, it’s easy for water lines to freeze. The only way you can prevent this from happening removing all the water in the lines. Or, you can choose the most efficient way to prevent your lines from freezing, which is adding anti-freeze wherever you find water. The following are some places you should drain:

  • Sinks
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • All tanks
  • Water Heater
  • Filters

Once you drain the water from your tanks, allow your water pump to circulate anti-freeze through to your systems. After you’ve verified that the anti-freeze flows freely to your fixtures and toilets, don’t forget to pour anti-freeze directly in your drains to prevent water from freezing in your traps.

Maintain Your Tires

During the winter months, your tires are going to remain in the same place for a while. As a result, they can potentially dry rot. You have a couple options when it comes to preparing your tires for the winter months. Firstly, you can choose to take them off and place your camper on blocks. Secondly, you can choose to park your camper on concrete and cover it completely, which will help protect your tires. Additionally, you should take some time to lube your suspension so that everything is working as it should when spring arrives.

Thoroughly Clean Your RV

By thoroughly cleaning your camper, you reduce the chances that rodents will be attracted to it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning extensively before you take your next road trip.

Taking care of your camper doesn’t stop when you put it in park for the winter. In order to ensure that everything is working properly for the next traveling season, you must winterize your RV. Taking care of your RV helps reduce maintenance costs and the likelihood of getting into an accident because of mechanical issues. This, in turn, can help keep your insurance rates lower.

Are you prepared for the winter season? Call Miller Insurance Agency at (409) 899-9531 for more information on Beaumont TX RV insurance.

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