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Home » Do You Need Home Insurance For A Condo?
February 16, 2016

Do You Need Home Insurance For A Condo?

ApartmentsAs a home or condo owner, making sure you take the necessary steps to protect your investment is key. Although a condo is considered a “home” for many, the rules on home insurance vary. If you own a condo and are wondering if you need home insurance, the first thing to understand is that home insurance and condo insurance are different. And although many mortgage companies require a home insurance policy, the requirements may be different for a condo.

Inside vs. Outside

With home insurance, you are responsible for the structure, the land it sits on and the inside of the dwelling. With condo insurance, you are responsible for only the interior. The structure, common areas and land are usually insured by an HOA.


Liability coverage works for condos in a different way than home insurance. Your liability protection is exclusively for accidents that occur within the condo — meaning you are exempt from anything that occurs outside. With home insurance, your coverage extends to the dwelling, the land and property damage. This usually requires a lot more coverage than a standard condo liability policy.

Personal Property

Condo coverage is usually reserved for the value of the contents inside of the home. Home insurance also has this provision, but may require a larger policy for enhanced protection.

Bottom Line

If you are wondering whether or not you need home insurance for your condo, the answer is no. Condo insurance is specifically for those areas where you reside. A home insurance policy differs from a condo insurance policy and has more responsibility and expense. For more information on the differences between a condo and home insurance policy, contact your insurance agent for assistance in purchasing the right policy.

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