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November 17, 2016

Getting Discounts For RV Insurance

RV at SunsetA Recreational Vehicle is a big, expensive piece of equipment. Because of this, you might think that RV insurance is costly.

It makes sense to assume that insuring an RV is a lot of work. You have extra risk because the size and weight of the vehicle makes navigation and control harder.

Maintenance can cost you as well, as damage to RVs can be expensive to repair. Generally, upkeep alone necessitates an insurance policy.

But how are you supposed to afford coverage?

It’s easier than you think.

It turns out RV insurance doesn’t have to be overly expensive, as many insurance companies offer discounts for coverage. When buying RV insurance, ask an agent if you can qualify for any of these discounts.

  • Storage Option. This is a good discount if you only use your policy during certain times of the year. If you store the RV, you might be able to suspend parts of your coverage that you aren’t using. That way you will pay a reduced rate, only on protections that you need when storing the RV.
  • RV Safety Course Discounts. If you take a course in how to safely handle an RV, you might qualify for a discount. These courses also help reduce your safety risks, and some states even require them.
  • RV Association Discounts. You might qualify for a discount if you belong to a verified RV association or club.
  • Safe Driver Discounts. Many insurance companies offer safe driver discounts with personal auto policies. You can also qualify for these discounts with RVs.
  • Original Owner Discounts Some insurance companies give you discounts if you are the only person who has ever owned your RV.

Depending on your insurance company, you can qualify for many other discounts. These discounts generally show that you are a responsible RV owner.

Have questions? Need a new policy? We can help. Call Miller Insurance Agency at (409) 899-9531 for a free Beaumont RV insurance quote.

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