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Home » Protecting Your RV’s Paint and Exterior
July 31, 2017

Protecting Your RV’s Paint and Exterior

image of family in an RV in TexasYou want an RV to reflect your personality and be a home away from home. That’s why so many RV’s come with unique, customized paint jobs and exterior features. It is your responsibility to care for your RV’s exterior just as much as you do its living space.

What happens if your RV’s exterior sustains damage? Will your insurance help repair the problems? It all usually depends on the source of the damage.

If a hazard damages the exterior, then your RV insurance often covers the damage. It might help you afford the repairs.

Insurance likely won’t cover RV paint and damages that you could have prevented. Should you neglect the exterior of the vehicle, your policy might not pay for repairs. Furthermore, your policy usually doesn’t cover normal wear and tear to the vehicle.

RV owners must take steps to protect the exterior of their rigs before, during and after use.

Protecting Your RV’s Exterior

Exterior maintenance requires reasonable attention from an RV owner. But, care can maintain the value of your RV, and protect it from unforeseen insurance problems.

  • Wash your RV regularly, usually a round once per month. Only use recommended products and methods to clean the exterior. This can help prevent dirt, mud and debris from drying and caking on the exterior. Such accumulation could damage the vehicle over time. Make sure you let your RV thoroughly dry, and wipe down any excessively damp areas.
  • You should wax and polish your RV annually, if the RV’s paint and materials allow this preservation. Wax can help shield the paint job from exposure to sunlight and precipitation. By polishing the exterior and any chrome work, you can buff away any residual debris left after a wash. This could prevent the eventual development of rust.
  • Clean the vehicle’s headlights and windows using approved products. This can help prevent the clouding of glass and headlight covers.
  • Keep the vehicle’s grill and exhaust systems clean and clear of debris. You can prevent contamination that may lead to failures.
  • Maintain any attachments for the RV. This may include attachable awnings or electrical hookups.
  • After you clean the vehicle, don’t forget to clean the wheels and tires. Clear any debris out of the wheel wells. Also check your tire pressure and the attachments of nuts and bolts on the wheel mount.

With proper cleanliness and care, you can keep your RV not only valuable, but safer.

We’ve got you covered. Miller Insurance Agency can help you get an RV insurance policy that meets your unique needs. Call us at (409) 899-9531 for more information.

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