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Home » Motorcycle Tips to Ride Safely in Traffic
August 4, 2017

Motorcycle Tips to Ride Safely in Traffic

image of motorcycle rider in texasRiding a motorcycle around southeast Texas carries a certain element of risk. Though you might feel safe, riding on busy streets is somewhat dangerous.

It is often difficult to maneuver through traffic on a motorcycle. Sometimes, you may even experience an accident. The last thing you need is for an accident to hike your motorcycle insurance.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help you stay safe while riding in heavy traffic.

Leave Ample Space

Leave plenty of space between your bike and the vehicles around you. Do not attempt to squeeze through vehicles waiting at stop lights. Leaving a reasonable amount of space can often help drivers see you. A clear line of sight will often dramatically reduce the odds of a collision.

Watch Traffic Closely

Do not remain focused solely on the vehicle ahead of you. Try to get an idea about what sort of traffic is ahead, behind and around you. Gauge the level of traffic to determine your best course of action. This will help you avoid potentially hectic situations and stay as safe as possible.

Develop an Exit Strategy

Do not let your mind fall into the trap of assuming everything will be alright. Always plan an exit strategy in case something goes awry. Practice quick changes of direction so you might avoid for dangerous scenarios. Exit options include entering breakdown lanes, median strips, bike lanes and even between groups of slower-moving vehicles.

However, only use these tactics during emergency scenarios, never during a standard ride.

Be an Active Observer

When situated at a red light, stop sign or a traffic jam, take the opportunity to look at other drivers. Motorcycles sit higher than most vehicles. Use this to your advantage. Take a look at what is happening in other vehicles. Perhaps the driver to your side is adjusting his radio or using his phone. Move a lane over to get out of that driver’s way.

Stay alert of what is happening around you. It might prevent an accident that spurs an increase in your motorcycle insurance.

Don’t shy Away from Traffic!

If you go out of your way to avoid traffic, you will end up taking the long route and wasting valuable time. Accept that traffic is a fact of life. Get out there and practice riding your motorcycle in the midst of other vehicles. You will gradually perfect your sixth sense and feel comfortable riding in close quarters with automobiles.

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