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Home » How Does Home Insurance Protect from Texas Wildfires?
October 13, 2017

How Does Home Insurance Protect from Texas Wildfires?

image of texas wildfireWildfires are fiercely damaging. From January 1st through September 11, 2017, an estimated 48,082 wildfires occurred in the United States, according to the Information Insurance Institute (III). The agency also reports that this type of fire is responsible for $5.1 billion in losses over the last 10 years.

Considering this level of damage, homeowners need to have protection. Home insurance can offer it.

Know the Risks

The first step in protecting a home is to know the risks. The III reports that more than 4.5 million homes in the United States are in a high risk or an extreme high-risk area. There, properties need to have extensive fire coverage. However, many other homes face risk as well. Fires like this can occur as a result of lightning, for example, during a simple storm. This can occur anywhere. When it happens, the fire can spread to forested or wooded areas quickly. This exposes many homeowners to fire risks.

Property Insurance Coverage

Home insurance provides property coverage. Most policies extend to cover wildfire damage. Some will exclude this type of event, though. Read the details of your policy. This is very important in high-risk areas. Coverage can help in the following ways:

  • It protects the dwelling. This is the structure of the home and usually any attached structures. It includes the home, decks, garages, and other components of the building.
  • It protects what is in the home. Personal belongings such as clothing, furnishings, and electronics also have protection. This is contents coverage. Most home insurance policies cover this up to a percentage of the value of the home.
  • Home insurance provides additional living expense coverage. This coverage pays for your costs to rent a home, for example, while your home repairs occur. Special rules apply here.
  • Exterior fixtures and buildings may have some coverage. Some home insurance plans offer some coverage for landscaping and unattached garages. List this in the policy specifically.
  • Home insurance provides liability risk. In this situation, if the fire causes damage to another person’s property, the coverage may offer further protection.

It is very important to review your home insurance plan. Be sure it offers comprehensive protection. The value of the policy should meet specific needs. It may need to cover the cost to rebuild the home. Consider the value of your home’s contents. Extend coverage if necessary to meet the value of your belongings.

Need homeowners insurance? Let Miller Insurance help. We can get you a fast, free quote on an affordable policy.

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