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Home » Advice for Parents with Young Bikers
March 13, 2018

Advice for Parents with Young Bikers

Having a teen driver in the house might worry any parent. Having a young motorcycle rider, on the other hand, should cause every parent to sit up and take notice. image of motorcycle rider

Young people ride motorcycles all the time. Many of them understand the risks and precautions associated with this special vehicle. However, youth and inexperience will never be benefits to any biker. It’s up to parents to work with their young riders to make sure they have all the protection they need.

1. Make Sure Your Child Has the Qualifications to Ride

Most states govern their motorcycle licensing laws even more strictly than vehicle licensing. This is because riding a motorcycle is not the same as driving a car. When biking, drivers must exercise more care and control over a two-wheeled vehicle. Compared to a four-wheeled car, this requires more expertise. Most bikers will likely have to get special endorsements, or even a special license, to ride.

Parents must ensure their teen follows the proper licensing requirements for their bike. In Texas, this means that the child will have to receive a Class M license. This process will involve passing comprehensive testing. Before your child receives these qualifications, do not allow them to ride freely. This is a clear violation of the law.

2. Get Motorcycle Insurance for Your Biker

Every Texas driver must provide proof of financial responsibility to operate a vehicle. In most cases, this means getting insurance. The state requires minimum levels of coverage for most vehicle operators, including motorcyclists. While certain alternatives to insurance might show financial responsibility, getting a motorcycle policy is often the best way to go. It can help protect your young biker in case of accidents, bike damage, theft or if they harm others.

Here’s the catch—you usually cannot insure a motorcycle with standard car insurance. Therefore, you likely cannot add the bike to your family’s car insurance. Often, motorcycle policies look a lot like car insurance, and are generally affordable. Talk to your agent about the best way to cover your teen.

3. Enforce Safety at All Times

Teens should understand that biking leaves very little room for error. It also exposes them to the road in a more dangerous way than when they are in a vehicle. Therefore, extra safety precautions are necessary. Often, the law requires minors to follow safety requirements, like wearing helmets. In Texas, all bikers under age 21 must do so. Impress on your child the importance of safety precautions at all times.

If you need help insuring your young biker, talk to your insurance agent at 409-203-2027. We’re glad to help you find the protection you need.

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