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Home » Biking with a Partner: Do You Have Safety Rules?
January 10, 2019

Biking with a Partner: Do You Have Safety Rules?

Many people want to take their spouses, kids and other parties for motorcycle rides from time to time. Yet, before hitting the road, see if you face any safety requirements for your passengers. Many states restrict the liberties a motorcycle rider can take with their passengers.image of motorcycle group What are some of these requirements by Texas law?

You should have an absolute commitment to bike passenger safety at all times. Thus, you can ensure that you will always maintain low operating risks and safe practices on the road.

Why Motorcycle Passengers Need Protection

When you ride a motorcycle, you’ll have to devote a lot of attention to the road around you. Motorcycles are often harder to operate than the average passenger vehicle. They require special balance, and an attention to speed and movement. They also expose the driver to the open environment. This often increases the risk of injuries and damage in an accident.

By default, these risks might extend to your passengers. They remain exposed to the road just like you. Furthermore, if they sit on the back of the bike, they might face challenges stabilizing themselves and keeping their balance. They might also face a risk of flying off the bike in certain scenarios.

As the person in charge of the bike, it is up to you to protect your passengers when they hop aboard. Therefore, whenever you take your family on the bike, commit to their safety.

Texas Motorcycle Laws

There are a few rules in the Lone Star State regarding passengers on your bike. Ensure that you follow these (and other) laws when you hit the road.

  • Most Texas driver’s licenses allow you to carry passengers on your bike. However, if you have any restrictions on use (such as having a provisional license), you might not be able to ride with a passenger.
  • Texas does not require all bikers to wear helmets while they ride. However, an age restriction does apply. Everyone under age 21 must wear a helmet on a bike. So, if you plan to take a minor on your bike, make sure they wear headgear. Of course, you should always wear your own helmet.
  • State law prohibits children under age 5 from riding as a motorcycle passenger. However, one exception exists. If the passenger rides in an attached side-car, they can travel with you.

Always keep your passenger safety in mind when using your bike. The more care you take, the lower your operating risks might prove. Therefore, the chances of your having to file a motorcycle insurance claim might drop.

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