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Home » The Threat of Worn Treads to Your Motorcycle
March 21, 2019

The Threat of Worn Treads to Your Motorcycle

Group riding motorcycles across forest roadSpring is getting close. Motorcyclists everywhere are looking forward to taking out their bikes. However, now that you are taking your bike out for the first time in a few months, you probably need to give it a check. Any deterioration of the bike’s systems might put you at risk of costly accidents. One of the first places to check out is your tire and wheel system. This is one of your bike’s most important components. Tire failures could easily cause problems. What should you be on the lookout for?

Your bike’s tire treads are one of the most important items to inspect when getting ready for spring riding. With care, you can safeguard your bike from accidents arising from faulty tires.

The Uses of Tire Treads

Your bike’s tire treads are the raised patterns and indentations around your bike’s tires. Patterns vary, but the purpose of treading is to help bikes grip the road and remain stable. Therefore, treads are among the most important safety features on the bike. They are a benefit to you when you don’t even know it.

However, rubber or similar materials are the most common makeups of tires. Though durable, the tire and tread will eventually begin to wear down over. The friction caused by the tires running over pavement is the cause of the deterioration. So, over time, as your tires wear down, your safety risks might rise.

The Risks of Driving on Deteriorating Tires

The lower tire treads get, the more safety risks your bike might face. Tires with low tread might:

  • Increase your risks of a sudden blown tire or flats
  • Make the tire more susceptible to punctures from nails, debris or glass
  • Increase your risk of hydroplaning in water or sliding on slick pavement
  • Decrease your ability to control the bike. Worn treads usually decrease braking, acceleration and control abilities. Therefore, your risk of sudden loss of control might rise.

Taking Care of Your Tires

Generally, if your tires’ treads measure above 3/32-inch, then they are in stable condition. Treads below this depth might begin to pose safety risks. If you find low tread, fraying, peeling or corrosion around treads, it is time to have a tire inspection. You might or might not need new tires.

If your treads deteriorate to the point that they cause a wreck, then your motorcycle insurance might pay to repair damage. However, some insurers will penalize you for fault in the wreck. That is because you might have been able to avoid the accident had you maintained your tires. You could face increased insurance prices because you made mistakes by riding an unsafe bike.

Looking for motorcycle insurance? Talk to a Miller Insurance agent at 409-203-2027. We’ll work hard to help you find the protection you need.

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