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Home » Buy More Motorcycle Liability Insurance for Legal Assistance
June 5, 2019

Buy More Motorcycle Liability Insurance for Legal Assistance

a couple riding on a motorcycle down roadWhen insuring your motorcycle, you’ll probably have to register it with the state. That will mean you usually must buy motorcycle insurance. This is not the same thing as standard car insurance, but it will contain many of the same policy elements. One of these is liability insurance. While most policies will automatically offer a certain amount of coverage, you likely need more than just the basic limits. Here’s why.

Understanding Liability Insurance

Driver’s liability insurance doesn’t necessarily pay for the losses you experience in a wreck. It affords you money to pay for the costs you cause others in accidents.

So, if you hit another vehicle, then you might be the party responsible for the damage. Liability coverage will provide the money to pay for the other driver’s vehicle, other property damage and injury costs. Motorcyclists are as much at-risk of causing accidents as any other driver. Therefore, you’ll benefit from this coverage because you won’t have to pay for many of these losses out of your own pockets.

In many states, bikers must carry liability coverage, and the state will set minimum amounts of liability coverage. Still, most drivers benefit from carrying more than the minimum required limits. It might not seem readily apparent why you should do so. However, adding more liability coverage to your motorcycle policy is a benefit.

The Practicality of More Liability Insurance

Increased motorcycle liability insurance usually offers well over $100,000 in coverage for both bodily injury and property damage coverage. There are benefits to buying more coverage.

  • Liability policies can provide for more than just a third party’s losses. They can also provide legal assistance to the policyholder. It is not uncommon for someone who becomes the victim of your driving mistakes to sue you. Therefore, you could easily incur thousands of dollars in legal fees, in addition to liability settlements. As a result, expanded liability insurance can improve your own solvency.
  • The more coverage you have, the less you might have to worry about paying for someone else’s damage out of your own pocket. Therefore, your personal financial security will have less of a risk of insolvency.

Sometimes, because of a bike’s maneuverability and speed, it might be easier to wind up in a situation where you cause accidents or other losses. However, it might also be just as easy to avoid these situations. Nevertheless, by carrying high liability insurance limits, you will have ample protection available in case problems do arise.

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