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Home » Are Motorcycles a High Theft Risk?
September 23, 2020

Are Motorcycles a High Theft Risk?

In 2018, there were more than 3,000 motorcycle thefts in Texas, the third highest number of any state. Both Houston and Austin were among the top ten cities for bike theft, too. Unfortunately, the authorities only recovered about 33% of the state’s stolen bikes. A lost or damaged bike can be a very big headache, not to mention a big loss.  a motorcycle parked in front of a mirror

It is best to do all you can to protect yourself and your bike against motorcycle theft risks. One way to do so is to have motorcycle insurance. However, you should also keep a few practical safety steps in mind. 

Why do motorcycles get stolen?  

  • Many motorcycles use unique parts and systems. These add value to the parts and give thieves incentives to target certain makes and models. 

  • Motorcycles don’t have the same security systems as cars. They don’t have the protection provided by lockable doors, which are a line of defense for most drivers. 

  • Bikes are portable. In theory, a thief doesn’t even have to ride it to steal it. They might be able to pick it up, put it in another vehicle and make a run for it. 

  • It is easier to break up certain motorcycles for parts. This often makes them less traceable than standard cars. 

How can motorcycle insurance help me?  

If you have motorcycle insurance, you might have coverage to help you repair or replace a lost bike. However, most motorcycle policies do not automatically include theft coverage. To get theft coverage, you will need to add coverage called comprehensive damage insurance to the policy. Comprehensive coverage pays for vehicle damage or losses that arise from hazards not related to wrecks. Theft is a type of covered loss in most comprehensive coverage.  

What other safety steps can I take?  

Still, even with motorcycle insurance in place, you don’t want to face the prospect of bike theft. There are many things you can do to prevent such losses. 

  • Park in garages or in lighted areas near other people. A thief is less likely to steal your bike if they think they will get caught by a passerby.

  • Never leave your keys in the ignition and use your steering wheel lock. 

  • If you have an alarm on the bike, then arm it. 

  • Chain the bike to a solid item, such as a utility pole.

  • If you have a kill switch on the bike, then use it. 

From the moment you buy your motorcycle, you must observe critical safety precautions. They can help reduce theft risks. However, always have motorcycle insurance on reserve in case the worst happens. 

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