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Home » 5 Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers That May Surprise You
May 11, 2022

5 Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers That May Surprise You

For most of us, our home is the most expensive thing we will ever own. So it only makes sense to be sure our homeowners insurance will be there to provide coverage for the more common unexpected events such as fire, theft, wind or hail. 

But there are some unusual circumstances that your homeowners insurance will usually cover that you might not know about. It pays to read the fine print to know about all the coverage your policy includes. Here are five unusual perils that are covered in most policies. 

1. Volcanic Eruption: In most parts of the US, volcanoes are not a threat. But in Alaska, Hawaii and the west coast, the possibility exists that a volcanic eruption could destroy or damage your home. Be sure your policy provides this coverage if you live in these areas. 

2. Falling Meteorites: While it’s highly unlikely that a meteorite will fall on your home, or an airplane will drop from the sky, it’s not unheard of. But there are other more common situations that might occur. If you are having a large tree removed, or a crane is lifting shingles onto your roof, any damage to your home from these falling objects can be covered. If the tree or the crane is in your yard and falls on your neighbor’s home, the liability portion of your homeowner’s insurance can kick in and provide coverage.  a view of a living room

3. Riots: If your home team wins the World Series or the Super Bowl and a peaceful gathering on your street turns ugly, any damage caused by the celebrators may be covered by your homeowner’s policy. But if the damage is caused by a war or a terrorist attack, most policies do not provide coverage. 

4. Dog Bites: Let’s say your neighbor’s child is playing with your dog and Fido has had enough and bites the child. Hopefully the injury is minor, but any medical and legal bills can be covered by your policy, usually through the liability portion of the coverage. The limits allowed by the standard policy are fairly low, however, so you may want to consider an umbrella liability policy to increase your coverage. 

5. Dorm Room Theft: Young adults take lots of expensive electronic items with them to college these days. So coverage for these items in school dormitories is a must. Your standard policy may not cover personal property of the student if they are living in off-campus housing, so check to see if an additional renter’s policy is necessary for your situation. 

Always be sure to check with your insurance agent with any questions you have regarding coverage, and to be sure you are properly insured in your unique circumstances. The time to buy good insurance is long before you might need it. Then you can be sure that you have the right coverage to make those unexpected damages and perils a little easier to withstand if they do occur. 

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