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Home » Getting Your ATV Ready for an Excursion
June 24, 2022

Getting Your ATV Ready for an Excursion

Your all-terrain vehicle can provide a generally safe way to travel to remote areas for outdoor recreation. Nonetheless, traveling off-road comes with its risks.  

The proper function of your ATV and your vehicle insurance can help minimize these risks. Hit the path with legal and physical protection, and you can ensure your excursion is a success. 


Before Leaving: Verify You Have ATV Insurance


An ATV is an expensive commodity, and like all vehicles, it poses risks to you and others. Therefore, it’s a good idea to carry ATV insurance. This coverage can contain bodily injury, liability, collision and comprehensive insurance.a person riding a motorcycle on a city street 


The good thing about ATV coverage is that it usually protects riders on all types of terrains. However, make sure your policy does not contain exclusions for the type of travel you plan. For example, policies may not cover ATV racing. They may also exclude riding on public roads, because often, such actions are illegal. 


Some places likewise require riders to carry insurance. State or federal parks are one example of public lands where you might have to carry coverage. Therefore, before hitting the trails, ensure that you have an active ATV policy in place. 


Getting Ready to Ride  


ATV excursions require planning. Preparation can help you protect yourself.


  • Check the riding regulations in the area of travel. You may have to observe certain safety precautions. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the geography of a local area. Doing so can help you plan a safe route. 

  • Use riding gear. This may include helmets, pads, insulated clothing, eye wear or firm shoes. 

  • Ensure you have the right qualifications to ride. Different areas require licenses and certifications for ATV users. 

  • Keep proper emergency supplies such as food, water and first aid items. 

  • Coordinate your plans with a trusted person. Remember, in isolated areas, you may not have phone or GPS services. Therefore, someone should know your intended route. 

As always, remain vigilant during your ride. The right care and commitment may help you avoid accidents. 



Preparing Your ATV


As a piece of machinery, your ATV requires care, maintenance and awareness from its owner. Before you ride:


  • Check your engine, oil and gas levels. 

  • Inspect and test your lights. Using your lights during rides can often help you ensure safe navigation. 

  • Check your tires to ensure they are terrain-worthy and have no signs of damage. 

  • Test your controls including accelerators, brakes and steering mechanisms. 


The more you prepare, the less your chances of an ATV insurance claim. Still, you should always have this coverage in case a problem occurs. 

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