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Home » Tire Checkup Before Winter Weather Hits
December 8, 2017

Tire Checkup Before Winter Weather Hits

image of car driving in winterWinter weather is upon us and with comes wet, snow-covered, and icy roads. When this occurs, many drivers believe they can handle the conditions. However, driving in poor conditions can cause frequent auto insurance claims.

One way to avoid accidents is to focus on your tires. The tires on a vehicle provide several key benefits. They offer significant protection and help the vehicle to get from place to place without slips. More or less, they keep the vehicle steady on the road. Here’s how to prepare your car’s tires for the winter months.

Have a Tire Inspection

If possible, take your vehicle to a dealership. Inquire about the condition of your tires. Choose a responsible and trusted tire professional.

Ask for a thorough evaluation. The inspection will give you information about the condition of your tires. The manufacturer will look at the tread, the surface, and the overall type of tire. He or she will make recommendations for you. Do this at the start of the season. Do it annually as well.

Check the Owner’s Manual

Before going further, check the owner’s manual. Learn what the manufacturer recommends for tires on your make and model. Most manuals will provide information about winter weather conditions. They also will provide important steps to take to learn how to avoid a skid during the winter months.

It helps to know the key components of your vehicle, too. Many vehicles have traction built in. This can help to provide more grip. Learn how to use this before you need to do so.

Replace Worn Tires

Your tire inspection will provide information about this. However, it is important to replace tires with limited tread left. It is a good idea to speak to your tire professional about winter-grade tires. These can provide a bit more protection and durability on the road.

Check Your Vehicle Frequently

Before driving, walk around the vehicle. Look for any objects in the tires. Be sure the tires do not deflate. During the winter months, it is possible that tire pressure can become a concern. After the tires cool down after a drive, check the pressure. Be sure it is within the range the manufacturer suggests.

This is also a good time to check your spare tire. Be sure it is in good condition as well. And, be sure your car insurance is up to date. Winter may make auto insurance claims more likely. However, with the right car insurance, you do not need to worry. Let Miller Insurance provide the right coverage. Call us at 409.203.2027.

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