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Home » Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Damage?
April 9, 2018

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Damage?

Over time, you might have noticed cracks developing in your walls, floors or ceilings. The home’s foundation—the ground it sits on—will likely change over time. Such changes can cause shifts in the structure which might lead to problems. image of house on foundation

You might take very little notice of these problems. However, you should never ignore that they exist. Letting foundation damage go unchecked might lead to severe home damage. This could mean significant costs, and you might not find your home insurance helpful.

The Effects of Foundation Damage

Often, foundation damage slowly develops. It might take years for small cracks in your home’s structure to worsen to the point of needing repairs. Still, the damage that you have ignored for years might reach a tipping point at any moment.

Not only that, sudden foundation damage can happen almost instantaneously. They might come from weather damage, man-made problems or sudden earth movements.

Regardless of how and when foundation damage develops, do not ignore it. Doing so might mean you put the home at extreme risks. Beyond looking unappealing, foundation damage might create

  • Structural instability in the home. This might raise your risks of property damage or even collapses.
  • Entryways in the home that allow moisture or pests to invade.
  • Energy instability. Damage to the structure might lead to damage to the home’s seals. You might find yourself using excess energy if you cannot properly trap heat or air in the home.
  • Other hazards like fire and flood risks. Structural shifts might put stress on systems like the electrical or plumbing setups.

Repairing Foundation Damage

When you notice foundation damage, you need to take action. In some cases, damage might only need sealants and smoothing to fix the problem. In others, you might have to undertake significant repair work or foundation restructuring.

It might surprise homeowners to learn that insurance might not cover foundation damage. Should a covered hazard, like weather, damage the foundation, your policy can likely pay for repairs. However, damage that results from normal wear and tear likely will not have coverage. This is because foundation cracks usually are slowly-developing. Most homeowners have ample time to repair these damages. Insurers most likely will not pay for damage you could have otherwise prevented.

Talk to your insurance agent at 409.203.2027 about the best way to set up your coverage to protect foundation damage. If you need special types of coverage, they can advise you on how to obtain it.


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