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Home » Breaking a Myth: Driving a Red Car Doesn’t Mean You’ll Pay More in Insurance
November 8, 2018

Breaking a Myth: Driving a Red Car Doesn’t Mean You’ll Pay More in Insurance

It is a common myth. If you have a red car, you are more likely to have the police pull you over. As a result, that means you pay more in auto insurance. The good news is you can have a red car. It does not have any bearing on how much car insurance costs you. If you heardimage of a red car this myth, consider a few things that may have you believing it.

Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure?

Perhaps you want to get a bright red sports car. It is your dream. But, you heard that auto insurance is more expensive on these vehicles. Is it true? The answer to that question is definitely a no. The color of your car does not play a role in the overall cost you pay for coverage. That means there is no reason not to choose the red over a blue or even yellow car. Granted, the simple act of having a sports car might drive your costs up because of the value of the vehicle. The color, however, has no bearing on this.

Why Do People Believe It?

Unfortunately, this is a common urban myth. It stems from the belief that if you have a red car, the police are more likely to ticket you than if you had a car of another color. Red is a bright color, after all. And, you do stick out from the crowd with it. A key reason this belief occurs is because red is a color associated with sports cars. In the mid-1900’s, red sports cars were very popular. And, as a sports car, they were more susceptible to ticketing.

What You Should Know

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing this color of car.

  • Red is a more noticeable color. This means that if you are speeding or breaking the law, the police can follow you pretty easily.
  • Red sports cars do not necessarily cost more than blue sports cars, for example. But, a sports car is always going to be more expensive to insure than a sedan.
  • Ultimately, the way you drive your car impacts when you get a ticket. And, if you have no moving violations, your car insurance costs are likely to be about the same as anyone else.

Auto insurance companies do not charge more based on color. They charge more based on the amount of risk you present to the company. If you are a high-risk driver or you are driving a more valuable vehicle, chances are good you will pay more for coverage.

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