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Home » Home Insurance and Your Spring Projects
April 18, 2023

Home Insurance and Your Spring Projects

When spring arrives, many people want to head outside to start enjoying their space. A few home improvement projects may happen, too. Making changes to your home is not a problem. However, it is important to consider your home’s risk factors.  

Be sure that the changes you make do not increase risk. Make sure that professionals can complete all of the work safely. And, it may be necessary to consider your home insurance policy afterward. 

Are People Coming to Your Home? 

If you are having contractors do work within your home, verify them. Be sure you verify their licensing, insurance and bonding. A contractor without it can be a risk. If they do work for you, suffer an injury on your property, and do not have coverage, it could hurt you. The contractor or his or her employee may file a liability claim against you. Your home insurance may help, up to limits. 

Are You Putting the Structure at Risk? 

Changes to your home’s structure can create concerns. For example, if you plan to change the grading of the property, this could make your foundation at risk for damage and water leaks. It is always a good idea to focus on what the outcome of any change will be. Do this before you make any changes.a house with trees in the background 

Roofs, Windows, and Siding 

Adding a new roof, windows, and siding to your home can be a good thing. It adds value to your home. It ensures there is ample security there. However, this is only possible when you install them properly.  

Ensure the professional doing the work has the necessary licensing. Be sure they provide a guarantee for their workmanship, too. If they do a poor job, your roof leaks, and your home suffers mold damage, your home insurance may not cover the losses. 

Significant Changes 

Are you adding a home addition? Perhaps you will build a new garage or shed on your home. If you make these substantial changes, you will need to have a closer look at your home’s new value. Updating the value can lead to a need to update your home insurance. Discuss this with your agent at length. Be sure new structures have coverage under your policy. 

It is essential to ensure that your home remains safe. Your home insurance policy is there to help. However, you must take the proper steps at first to ensure you have ample protection in place first. 

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